We provide residential carpet cleaning for your home along with other cleaning services.? From tile and grout cleaning to upholstery cleaning, we have you covered!? Erie PA Carpet Cleaning services areas in and around Erie, PA.? We?d be thrilled to come out to any neighboring cities as our company is flexible with locations.


Do you walk into your home and something just does not seem right?? You?re not exactly sure what it is but you know something is off. The issue is, we tend to adapt to our carpet looking dirty and used. We vacuum regularly… but it doesn?t do what a deep carpet cleaning process can to restore the carpet.? Who doesn?t love a sanitary and clean carpet? From the aesthetic look to its many functional benefits, it?s one of the most crucial elements of any home.

It?s no secret that carpets get quite the wear and tear over time.? They do not get a break and nor should they as that?s exactly what they?re meant for. ?However, if they are neglected and not cleaned regularly,? they?ll fade much sooner.

How and why exactly do they fade if not maintained regularly?? Simple answer really – it starts getting dirt build-up. The build-up damages the carpet material from the inside out, which reduces its external and internal appearance.? Insert in kids and pets in the mix and we really have to ensure proper carpet maintenance. ?We can?t tell kids and pets to stop messing up the floors ? it?s simply impossible. They will run, stomp, roll, which will damage the fibers of the carpet and decrease its overall lifespan.? They will create extraordinary messes ? that?s pretty much guaranteed. Further, they?ll make the mess even worse by stepping on the mess they?ve created! ?You feel uncomfortable every time that happens. You might grab the vacuum or pick up the mess ? but that is not the best solution long term.

Obviously there are several reasons to get those carpets regularly cleaned.? So now you may wonder how the cleaning helps and how it really works.


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Residential Carpet Cleaning
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We at Erie PA Carpet Cleaning use highly efficient, eco-friendly products in combination with top of the line industry-standard equipment and process.? After we are done with, your carpets, rugs, upholstery our service will give off a shine and freshness that was never seen before. ?

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Our carpet cleaning process

In case you?re wondering how it?s done, let?s go over the process in its entirety.

Pre-vacuum treatment ? First, we analyze the situation to see the best way to deal with the entire cleaning process.? Next, we proceed to get rid of the large debris and soil to make the future deep-cleaning as effective as possible.

Pre-treatment with cleaning products – This is where the supernatural starts to happen.? We spray solutions on the carpet. What this does is it starts working through those persistent stains which will help make the extraction process easier.? Some of those stains may need a little more work.

Agitation – Now that the cleaning solution has worked itself through the carpet fibers, Erie PA Carpet Cleaning jumps in and starts brushing and/or raking to give it that extra push.? This will dislodge any and all dirt that had been living all so comfortably all this time.

Truck-mounted extraction – Once we start to extract the solution and the dislodged dirt, you?ll start to see the results.? With the truck-mounted equipment taking the dirt right out of your home, all that will be left is your carpet in its freshest and cleanest condition.

During the entire process we will ensure that all your furniture is cautiously moved or covered.? We will have your carpets cleaned and dried in the most reasonable timeframe.?

You could actually do it yourself and buy a half decent carpet cleaning machine and go through your entire home, slowly but surely making your way from one room to another.? The cleaning process can be quite the long, repetitive and complicated task. At Erie PA Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves in restoring our customer?s homes back to their glory days.


Pet Urine Removal

Industry standard equipment being used in one of our cleaning services.

To speed up drying time we use dry carpet cleaning process as we demonstrate here for one of our customers.

For all you pet owners out there, you know how much of a hassle this can be in getting cleaned and removed.? Pets will do their business whether we like it or not, and unfortunately it?ll happen to be on the carpet. Upon drying, the urine becomes concentrated which is what causes that all too familiar smell.?

If we do not tend to the matter pronto, the end result will be one of two things. One, we put up with the stain and persistent odor.? Two, rip the carpet out and replace with a new one. Neither of which are desirable scenarios. Lucky for you, there?s a better option! That?s calling us!

Our process removes 99.99% of bacteria. The very same bacteria the pet urine stain planted in our carpet.? We ensure that the odor is not simply masked but rather completely removed.

Pet urine stains are tough on the carpet, but we hold the power to get rid of them!

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