Steam treatments are among some of the most popular carpet cleaning techniques. A steam treatment provides that deep cleaning that your carpets might need.

Erie PA Carpet Cleaning is one of the best carpet steam cleaners. Our professionals will use a steam cleaner with a detergent that specifically targets stains and dirt. Vaporized water is used to clean rugs or carpeted areas. The vapor is heated to a specific temperature along with what looks like a vacuum cleaner. When the heat is transferred to the carpet, the heat efficiently breaks down any dirt. The dry steam then picks up the dirt and any debris. You can quickly see the difference in the way the carpets look when they have been treated with steam.

The benefits of professional steam cleaning:

  • The ultimate stain and dirt removal ? The steam vapor is so hot that it weakens the dirt and stain bonds, making them easy to remove. The vapor accesses the deepest layers of the carpet, providing a far better clean than a vacuum cleaner, or a carpet shampoo.
  • Effectively kills mites and bacteria – The extreme heat of the vapor is effective to eliminate all mites and bacteria that has piles up on your carpet fibres. Mold, fungus, bacteria, and dust mites all live in carpet. Sometimes it can be tough to get rid of these pesky things. That?s why Erie PA?s Carpet Cleaners steam treatments are a great choice!
  • No Pollutants ? Carpet steam cleaning cleans thoroughly without using pollutants. The treatment is effective on its own ? without using any chemicals. As a matter of fact, the steam can disinfect any pollutants that have previously made their way into a rug or carpet.

If you are going to go with this method, you should know that it is best to avoid walking on the floor until it is completely dry.



The length of time it will take your carpeted floors to dry will depend on the size of the room, the type of carpet material that you have, and the temperature inside the home. Some people do attempt to speed the process up a bit by opening windows and putting fans on throughout the home to quickly absorb that moisture.


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Maintaining Steam Cleaned Carpets

For maintenance purposes, ensure that you regularly get your carpets cleaned, with carpet steam cleaning being a great choice!

After every professional steam clean, make sure that shoes are not worn on the carpet. Wearing shoes increases the amount of dirt left on the carpet. Shoes also compress the dirt into the carpet because of the tread.

For added carpet protection, add a rug in a high traffic area to ward off excessive dirt and wear. Make sure you vacuum regularly and thoroughly. If you vacuum slowly, it will pick up more than if you vacuumed quickly. Replace filter bags regularly so that the vacuum runs at its best capacity.

Accidents happen all the time. If wine or coffee spills on your lovely carpet, make sure to have some emergency supplies on hand.? Some items that help remove stains include club soda, shaving cream. Ice cubes for chewing gum, hydrogen peroxide for blood stains, and dishwasher detergent can help for most stains too.




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