Now,Who doesn’t love a clean carpet?

Even your Dog does.

We’re a professional carpet cleaning company based in Erie, PA. You’ve come to the right place for your carpets, rugs, couches or anything fluffy for that matter! Call us NOW for an INSTANT QUOTE!


Now,Who doesn’t love a clean carpet?

Even your Dog does.

We’re a professional carpet cleaning company based in Erie, PA. You’ve come to the right place for your carpets, rugs, couches or anything fluffy for that matter! Call us NOW for an INSTANT QUOTE!


Carpet Cleaning Services: Something All Homeowners Should Take Seriously.

The carpeted floors in your home may not look as good as they did when you moved in, but that certainly does not mean you need to go out and spend a lot of money on new carpet for the floors. In fact, you can save money while having those floors taken care of by a professional carpet cleaning company that provides carpet cleaning services to clients. How many times have you freaked out because your children dropped a cup of juice or milk on the carpet? How many times have you been upset because your pet decided to use the bathroom in your bedroom, living room, or some other carpeted room in the home? If you Googled? ?carpet cleaning company near me? you?ve come to the right place! ?We provide one of the best carpet cleaning services in Erie, PA. ?

Or, if you need a carpet cleaner Tallahassee.

These situations are surely frustrating, but they happen to most people! As a homeowner, taking care of your carpets is something you should take great pride in because beautiful carpeted floors will make the property look even better. No matter how many precautionary measures you decide to take, there are times when you will need to hire professional carpet cleaners, like us, to give your carpets a thorough deep cleaning so that they can smell good and look even better. The next time one of your kids drops something on the floor or your pet has some sort of accident, try not to panic and just remember that EP Carpet Cleaning help is available!


Type of Property

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Whatever the carpet cleaning service you need, we’ve Got You Covered.

Spot Removal

When something falls on the carpeted floor, it can leave a stain. We can treat the most nastiest of spots even those that are super old.

Dry Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning method is a technique that requires little to no moisture at all due to advanced technology and equipment.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is a technique that quickly targets the buildup of dirt that has accumulated on the floors over months or possibly even years.

Steam Treatments

Steam treatments are among some of the most popular carpet cleaning techniques. We will make your house gleam.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services That ?Gets Rid of the Pet Hair and the Dust That Builds Up

Different carpet cleaning techniques work to get rid of both dust and pet hair. Whether you have one pet or several of them, you know how annoying it is when your pet is shedding its hair all over the place. Simply sitting on the floor for a few seconds could leave you with tons of hair all over your pants and shirt, causing you to go on a manhunt for the lint roller before leaving the home. You do not want to get rid of your pet, but you do want to get rid of all the hair that is building up. What better way to do that than to have those floors cleaned by the professionals??

While pet hair can start accumulating on the floors, it is not the only thing that will begin building up. Even if you cannot see it, dust will start to accumulate on the carpets. While it is not always visible, it is likely there and can lead to numerous issues for you. If you are exposed to it for too long, your eyes may become irritated, you could start sneezing a lot, and you might even have an allergic reaction to all the dust particles that are everywhere.

Because exposure to a lot of dust is naturally bad for you, the best solution to the problem is to have your carpets cleaned. There are more than enough carpet cleaning techniques in existence to keep the dust under control while leaving your floors in immaculate condition.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Preserves the Condition of the Carpets for a Longer Time!

Most of the carpeting manufacturers claim that the materials used in homes should last for nearly 10 years before they must be replaced because basic wear and tear begins to take its toll. When you invest in good materials for your floors, you need to put forth the effort to keep those materials in great condition for as long as you can to get your money?s worth. Hiring a?residential and commercial carpet cleaner?like us to complete a deep cleaning of the carpeted floors in the home or office space will help you preserve their condition and make them last even longer. That means you might not have the need to replace them in 10 years. With the best carpet cleaning prices in Erie PA, we will guarantee you have made the best investment for the long-term health of your carpets.

The Best Residential Carpet Cleaner Creates a Cleaner and Healthier Environment for Everyone in the Home

The carpet cleaning process is something that many homeowners forget about because they are naturally so busy with everything else that goes on in their lives. While you may think to wipe down your kitchen table after eating or to wipe your windows down when you notice dust or streaks on them, you may not put too much thought into giving the carpets the?deep cleaning?that they need. However, floors that have been professionally cleaned will create a much cleaner and healthier environment for everyone who lives in the home. Our goal is to be the best local carpet cleaners in Erie PA. So, give us a call today to help us earn that badge!


A Professional Cleaning from Erie PA Carpet Cleaning Keeps Your Carpets Fresh, Clean, and Looking Pristine

When you are not taking good care of the carpets in your home, you can expect to experience numerous problems. You will notice a buildup of pet hair, which means you could benefit from one of our pet safe carpet cleaners! ?You might also notice dirt, and dust throughout several rooms, especially the rooms that are the most frequented in the home.

The buildup can trigger allergies and lead to different side effects that are not worth dealing with at all. Dirty carpets reduce indoor air quality which means asthma has a higher chance of affecting one?s health. Not only is asthma more likely to occur, but other respiratory issues creep in to anyone who is around dirty carpets. Sometimes a carpet can look fine, but within them could lay mold, and dust mites, especially if the carpet is damp, to steam clean your carpet is a solution.? Another problem dirty carpets can cause is mycotoxin overgrowth.? Prolonged exposure can cause a weakened stomach and immune system. Worst of all, mycotoxins can even lead to death. Last thing to mention, if you?re not grossed out enough already, is the fact that dirty carpets can also cause rashes and fungal infections. That?s right ? with several people walking on the carpet, an unhealthy amount of microorganisms and dirt can build up. This issue can cause several skin issues that may be tough to deal with.

Not only would you have to deal with these problems, but your carpeted floors probably would not last nearly as long as they could if they were not thoroughly cleaned often enough. With our professional carpet cleaning services, you can sleep easy knowing you?re living in the healthiest home possible.? For health reasons, ensure that you get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Choose the right type of professional carpet cleaning service that?s best for you!

If you want the?steam treatments?in your home to smell fresh, look clean, and remain in pristine condition for a long time, rely on the Erie PA Carpet Cleaning professionals to provide convenient carpet cleaning services. A good carpet cleaning company offers a variety of different techniques to clients who are looking for the extra help.? Choose from ?spot treatment,?dry carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, and even steam treatments. Once you figure out which method you want the professionals to use, you




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